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I am sure that my life has grossly been changed by meeting with Mother Teresa and I have laid the foundation of Alam Welfare after being myself impressed upon by meeting with Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi. I was born in Liaquatabad, Karachi and my initial education was in Karachi and thereafter I joined Army and participated in the war of 1971. I met first with Mother Teresa in the refugee’s camp, Sardar Bahadur high school,

Chittagong. Keeping in view their social and welfare work, I also involved myself in such a noble work. In 1972 East Pakistan was converted into Bangladesh. I was belong to a very poor family and I had seen the poverty so near. But I had emotion and courage to carry out the social work. I served one year in Army camp. In 1974 I returned back to Pakistan. After coming back to Pakistan, I started business of sugar cane and installed sugar machine, I spent certain amount of my income in the social work. In 1980, Liaquatabad super market set on fire and thousands of shops were burnt out and also many people martyred and no doubt I also served over there day and night and also installed a camp.

In 1982, I participated in councilor election and thereafter I met with Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi. I expressed my views and stated him that I wish to work like you. He no doubt encouraged me and under his supervision I laid the foundation of Alam Welfare Trust and kept myself busy in social work in Liaquatabad, Karachi. In 1986 there was language controversy erupted in Aligarh and Qasba colony, Karachi. I had 6 ambulance at that time and with the few social allies, I served the people day and night. In those days I met with Mr. Mark Tally from BBC and I was long interviewed by him and he appreciated my social services. In 1989 Mother Teresa was terribly ill and I went to Calcutta to meet her with the prime minister of that time Rajeev Gandhi.  Mother Teresa appreciated my social work and worn me a necklace after taking off from her neck as a gesture of goodwill which is in my custody till today and is gracious for me.


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Despite of that with the blessings of Almighty Allah there was no dearth of excellent people who were always stood by for help to the needy and aggrieved persons.  Due to humanity even in Bangalies they helped....

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