From the year 1990 to the year 2000 in the different areas of the city Karachi, such as Moosa Colony, FC Area, New Karachi, Korangi, I socially served the people and run the OPD clinic and ambulances services. And financially helped out to get the married of poor girls and kept myself busy in social work. In 2001 I gave a message to the city of Karachi “AVOID SUICIDE AND DESCRIBE US YOUR GENUINE PROBLEMS” (KHUD KASHI NA KAREN APNA DUKH HUM SE BAYAN KAREN) in the starting five years I met millions of people and made them understanding by counselling to the people and save thousands of people from doing “SUICIDE” (KHUD KASHI)

Alam welfare is nowadaysdoing different work such as(ROZGAR SCHEME) and providing free education for all in different areas of the cityand in graveyard for the poor kids working their established schools for free by the name of (ALAM ACADEMY) Old Age house (SAB KA GHAR) (MOTHER HOME) was established and working for the needy people. In the summer particularly in heat stroke cold mineral water specially is served at bus stops and in hospitals.

(ROTI BANK FOR NEEDY PERSONS) Alam welfare provide food in the bags, thousands are provided free of cost. The save food in marriages and in different ceremonies are being provided to us which we provide to the needy persons.

(MUQADDAS SHAHHED AURAAQ) Alam welfare is in the verge of collecting from Karachi city and keep them cool in the sea. In the month of Ramazan thousands are served with Iftar. And ration and clothes are also distributed among the needy persons.

In EID UL AZHA collective qurbani is also included.

In all such noble work, your cooperation and coordination is required which we expect from you.


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Despite of that with the blessings of Almighty Allah there was no dearth of excellent people who were always stood by for help to the needy and aggrieved persons.  Due to humanity even in Bangalies they helped....

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